Thursday, 25 September 2008

Briggs & Stratton Update


You asked for an update on le mouton and here it is.

They have bulked up considerably on the ol' front lawn diet. It is interesting that they seem to prefer this paddock (i.e. left) and come right up near the pool deck or fence whenever we are around (or even the dogs). Otherwise they are still very shy though.

Not sure about my french grammar.. i.e. "les", "le" or "la". I am pretty sure that sheep are considered masculine (le mouton) even though these ones are ewes but should I write "les" (plural) or "le"?

Sean thanks for the advice and help with videos. I am now using MM-HD but plan to give Ulead a trial run.


  1. Not Australian, I'm still rolling around on the floor.

  2. If you are going to use Video Studio the take a look at this tutorial site, really helped me to get into it when I first started using it.