Thursday, 21 August 2008

Lyon Text (finally)

Lyon is fantastic! Lots of big city appeal with plenty of character. Every second street we came across presented a great photo opportunity.

The big ferris wheel was the star attraction for the boys. I was pretty taken with the architecture, especially Cath├ędrale St-Jean (just when I thought I had seen enough church architecture).

Parking was a breeze. Huge underground car parks all around the city, they charge 1/10th of Auckland rates and they are all pretty empty - probably because public transport is so good. Yes - its been 8 months but my hatred of our Auckland transport system is still very much alive.

We caught the metro to the Cathedral which included a ride on a is a funicular up the steep hill overlooking the city. It was pretty cool. We then checked out the roman amphitheatre and tramped down the steep hill across the river and back up the hill on the other side in the direction of Croix-Rousse: the boys managed well and went to bed pretty early (for a change).


  1. Great commentary Jack and Ange not scared of heights, yeah right...Craig

  2. Great to see a few more movies, always good to hear what is going on as well, though I guess it does take a little longer to do the posts.