Friday, 21 March 2008

Visite Médicale

We finally received our letters from the République Française advising us that our medical appointments are booked for the 3rd April in Bordeaux. We need take our passports and a few hundred euros each for some fee or stamp duty. These medicals are required for the Carte de Séjour, our residency permits.  For some reason they have not booked appointments for the kids.. a small relief but I'm sure it's a processing error.

Our fingers are crossed that this will be the final step in what has been a rather drawn out process of getting permission to spend a year in France. 

At this stage it hard to let the bureaucracy get to us. We are already here, having fantastic experiences and we just need to just push on and get through all the red-tape. I am sure that immigrants to NZ have to go through similar endless hurdles.

We must always pity the bureaucrats because they can't experience life without permission in triplicate.

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