Friday, 21 March 2008

The grass is greener...

We have a fairly large garden at Pech de la Mas - it's huge. Fortunately Pavlos also has this cool ride on mower..  I have always wanted to use one of these.

The weather report for the Easter weekend is crap, even predicting snow!!  I wanted to get in and finish the lawns while they were still dry.  Needless to say it was good fun..

lawns1 lawns2

James if you visit us I will let you have a turn.. a speed limit will apply though. 

Ah.. should also mention. We saw a fox today as we were on our way to pick up kids, it was just 50 metres down the road from the gate. It stopped looked at the car, walked to side of the road and stood its ground as we drove slowly past. First time I've seen a fox - just as well we don't have any chickens.

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